BikeReady grades are used by professional cycling instructors and give you a good idea of what’s involved when you’re learning new bike riding skills.

Adults on cycle skills course.

Courses involve plenty of time on your bike and good instructor to learner ratios. Actual course delivery may blend grades to meet people's needs.

Flexibility is an important part of how BikeReady instructors develop their courses for adults. There are opportunities for complete beginners, options for e-bike riders, bike-maintenance courses, and on-road cycle skills training.

Complete beginner

Who for: Anyone new to bike riding. It's a great time to have a go!

What it's about: Professional instructors are ready to help anyone learn. The emphasis is on basic skills, enjoyment and confidence. Takes place on easy flat surfaces, no roads involved.  

Time involved: 1-3 hours or as required

How you learn:

  • Take things one step at a time with guidance and feedback from an instructor
  • Learn how to balance on a bike, start, pedal along and stop
  • Instructor to learner ratio from 1:1 to 1:4
  • Instructors may provide bikes for the lesson

Grade 1: Preparing for on-road riding

Adult on training course.

Who for: Anyone who wants bike riding as an option in their life, including those returning to riding after a long time.  

What it's about: Grade 1 gives you the confidence to ride more often. Led by professional instructors. Takes places on easy flat surfaces, away from roads. Participants learn good bike control and how to tell if something needs fixing.

Time involved: 1.5 hours+

How you learn:

  • Develop balance and bike control skills for starting, stopping and turning
  • Learn riding with one hand to signal
  • Practise looking all around (including behind)
  • Find out how to do a bike safety check
  • Learn the legal requirements for cycling on-road

Grade 2: Introduction to on-road riding

Adult on Grade 2 BikeReady course.

Who for: People who want to cycle to work or explore their neighbourhood by bike.

What it's about: Grade 2 gives you the confidence to use bikes on local roads. Instructors take participants out on quiet streets. You gain skills to deal with traffic on journeys such as to the local shops or the office.

Time involved: 2 hours +

How you learn:

  • Practise observation techniques and hazard awareness
  • Learn defensive riding strategies
  • Practise riding in the appropriate lane position (to "see and be seen") for simple traffic situations
  • Improve bike handling skills to "look, signal, look, move" when turning

Grade 3 Advanced on-road riding

Who for: Commuters, recreational riders and sports cyclists who want skills for the road conditions they expect to encounter.

What it's about: Grade 3 gives you the confidence to use bikes on more complex roads. Learn advanced road positioning and develop a strong and assertive riding style. This includes flowing with the traffic and excellent awareness of hazards and how to manage them.

Time involved: Variable, as needed.

How you learn:

  • Extend bike handling skills to manage varied road surfaces and traffic conditions
  • Learn advanced lane positions for multi-lane roads
  • Further develop your hazard awareness and strategies to negotiate complex roads