BikeReady helps teachers to support student learning in two ways. Get access to cycle skills training by experienced instructors and use curriculum resources in the classroom.

Outcomes include more young people with bike riding as a viable transport choice. They learn to share our roads. And they're active and healthy. Participation in BikeReady adds an authentic context for learning. Teachers and students can explore well-being (hauora), empathy, the transport system and active citizenship. BikeReady aligns with the New Zealand Curriculum, physical activity guidelines and the National Administration Guidelines.

Mihi square

“The most important thing for students is to learn through their experiences, through a context and bike riding was right in front of our eyes. ”

Mihi Hannah, teacher at Makaraka School, Gisborne

Bike riding as context for science

See how Mihi Hannah at Makaraka School worked with her students on science investigations about bikes.