If you want to have cycle skills training take place in your school, there are simple steps to follow.

The first step is to find out whether or not there is a local provider in your area.  

Teachers will find useful information in the FAQs about the details of working with local providers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Here's an overview of the process taken by schools looking to have cycle skills training.


2. Register your interest

Contact your local training provider by email or phone to register your interest. They will let you know if it will be possible to deliver in your school and guide you through the next steps.

Find a training provider
Register your interest

3. Planning

Decide which students will take part in which skills training grade and when. Planning can include how each student cohort makes progress over multiple years and ongoing classroom learning.


4. Arrange timing

The training provider talks with you to settle on dates for training sessions for your students. This takes into account instructor availability and your school's calendar and curriculum planning.

Arrange timing

5. Talk to families

Send letter to families to get consent if required and check bike availability and any special needs. Ask your local instructors for a letter template.

Talk to families

6. Classroom kick-off

Classroom activities to determine prior knowledge and introduce bike riding concepts.

Get curriculum resources
Classroom kick off

7. Skills training sessions

Students take part in the cycle skills training by instructors in and around your school grounds.

Skills training sessions

8. Classroom extension

Students demonstrate their learning in new ways or inquire into local bike riding challenges and opportunities.

Classroom extension