Bikes in Schools is an established project which helps schools to bring about a complete package of bikes, tracks, helmets and bike storage all within the school. Cycle skills training is included.


Bikes in Schools(external link)

Once the package is in place, students get regular experience riding bikes on tracks within the school grounds. The outcomes include increased health and fitness, and improved bike riding skills. Confidence and self-esteem also get a boost.

Bikes in Schools is overseen by the Bike On NZ Charitable Trust, with support from local councils, central government and other agencies and supporters.

The typical Bikes in Schools package includes:

  • fleet of 30-50 new good quality bikes (in different sizes)
  • bike helmet for every child
  • riding, pump and bike skills tracks
  • bike storage where needed
  • cycle skills training 

To find out more about Bikes in Schools, please contact the Bike On NZ Charitable Trust:

"Our students will really gain confidence and get great support to learn to ride, as well as the many benefits that come with bike riding. We're looking forward to encouraging healthy and safe bike riding and seeing the whole school community benefit from the track and new bikes."
Beth Noakes, acting principal, May Road School

BikeReady bike games for schools [PDF, 3 MB] 

STEP model for adapting cycle skills delivery and bike games [PDF, 95 KB]